Welcome to the largest online museum/resource dedicated to Havoc, the 1970's spy girl doll. Here I hope to list, and illustrate, everything produced under the Havoc banner.

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27/08/08 (brushes dust off the website) D'oh... somewhere, somehow Orange has lost a whole pile of my pictures (why am I not surprised?). All should now be over on my main Havocdoll.co.uk host and (touchwood) all the picture links will work... so LMK if something isn't (just click the Havoc & radio pic above).

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Pack 75001

UPDATED 20/1/2005

Surprise from the Skies

Pack 75011

UPDATED 4/8/2005

Sabotage Under the Sea

Pack 75012


Music For Murder

Pack 75013

UPDATED 27/08/08

The Swedish Incident

Pack 75014

UPDATED 27/08/08

Jungle Mission

Pack 75015

UPDATED 27/08/08

Race Against Death

Pack 75016

UPDATED 27/08/08

Villainy in Venice

Pack 75017


The Monster of Maclochlin

Pack 75018

UPDATED 27/08/08

Hostess to Danger

Pack 75019

UPDATED 27/08/08

Mystery at the Ranch

Pack 75020

UPDATED 27/08/08

Inflatable Boat

Pack 75051

UPDATED 27/08/08

Survival Kit 1

Pack 75052


Survival Kit 2

Pack 75053

UPDATED 27/08/08

Training Pack

Pack 75054


Racing Motorbike

Pack 75081

UPDATED 27/08/08

Havoc plus Motorbike

Pack 75082

UPDATED 27/08/08

Havoc Miscellany

a collection of catalogues, leaflets etc.


UPDATED 27/08/08


1/ Anyone out there know the actual dates of when the Havoc line ran from? Can't seen any dates on the packaging and I guess the copyright date stamped on the back of Havoc's head will be for Daisy anyhow.

2/ Wild stabs in the dark - anyone with old toy catalogues showing the Havoc line? Or even anyone out there who actually worked on the Havoc line?



Well, we have a start date for the Havoc line thanks to Kim Stevens who's sent me a trade ad promoting the new Havoc line from 1974. I will hopefully get that black and white photocopy posted soon(ish)

Thanks to Martin (BatmanUK) I think we have an identification for a lot of the Havoc art, step forward the great John M Burns and take a bow!



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