contains; Helmet and visor, Jacket, T-shirt, Tights, Boots and Tommy gun

It's the day of the big race - to decide who will be World Racing Car Champion. Handsome Donny Dash holds that title at the moment. He's a brilliant driver and everyone is sure he will win again. But nasty Jeremy Ginrake, who has never won a single race, has been boasting that he knows he will win. He has been seen in the company of the wicked Dr. Grizzle of S.M.O.G.G. International (Spying, Murder, Outrage and Gold Grabbing). What evil plans can they be hatching? Havoc determines to find out - and nip them in the bud. Now read on...



Photos courtesy of (above & left) Donald Dieterman. (Below) Ultradot's Havoc struts her stuff in the costume set.

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