contains; Trench-coat, Hat, Sunglasses, Boots, Tommy gun in a violin case, Bullet proof vest, Walkie talkie, Portable Typewriter, Binoculars, Miniature camera.

Havoc's editor gets an anonymous tip-off about a plot to assassinate the President of Barrovia during his visit to the Amsterdam Music Festival. His personal bodyguard is powerless to act on foreign soil. And it would cause a frightful international incident is the news leaked out. So Havoc is told she must save the President's life. Awaiting the President's arrival at Amsterdam airport, she sees the notorious Dr Grizzle of S.M.O.G.G. International (Spying, Murder, Outrage and Gold Grabbing). He has a half-hidden gun! Now read on...

(above & below) more excellent photos from the collection of Donald Dieterman a vintage `70ties/80ties Toy Collector from The Netherlands.

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 Above - photos courtesy of Pluteus
Below - photos courtesy of Ultradot


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