contains; Silvery overalls, helmet, geiger counter, ray gun, hypodermic, retort and monster.

In the village of Maclochlin, in a remote part of Scotland, a hideous monster stalks, terrorising the inhabitants. Some have already been crushed to death by it. No one knows where it will strike next. And attempts by the police to capture or kill it have come to nothing. At their wit's end, they send for Havoc. They tell her the monster always returns to a huge house surrounded by an electrified fence - the home of a mad scientist. Havoc decides to write him a letter. Now read on...

(above) more excellent photos from the collection of Donald Dieterman a vintage `70ties/80ties Toy Collector from The Netherlands.


(left) From the collection of Sandra Young, Havoc models the Monster of Maclochlin set.


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