contains; air hostess uniform, hand grenades, shoulder bag, mae west, walkie talkie, geiger counter, document case with chains, tray with bottles and glasses.

The Prime Minister of Souvlia is threatened by rebellious forces; and a diplomatic courier is despatched from London with secret plans that will help save his government. But the notorious Dr. Grizzle of S.M.O.G.G. International (Spying, Murder, Outrage and Gold Grabbing) is in league with the rebels. There are fears that the plane carrying the courier will be hi-jacked and the plans intercepted. Havoc is called in. Disguised as an air hostess she will be on that plane, too! Now read on...

(above & below) more excellent photos from the collection of Donald Dieterman a vintage `70ties/80ties Toy Collector from The Netherlands.

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