A note from the author.

Can I first apologise for those with dial-up connections; you might find the graphics a little slow to download in places but I've tried to keep each chapter reasonably short. This Havoc adventure, which will offer up my explanation of where she got to after the 1970's, is very much (i) a work in progress and (ii) a steep learning curve as it's the first time I've taken to adding speech bubbles into my photostories. But enough of the waffle and on with the story...


1. In the Sewers

2. Nemesis Interrupted

3. Past Present?

4. Pretty Lady

5. No Hanging Around

6. I Spy Devils

Ms. Havoc's spy costume by Project Are
Comic fonts & bubbles courtesy of Blambot.com
Photographed on the Toshiba PDR-3330
Edited in Aldus Photostyler & Paint Shop Pro 7
Written, Produced & Directed by MiskatonicNick